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I love cats and these really touched me. - Jo - Anderson, IN

**** YOUR ARTWORK IS WONDERFUL! - Elizabeth - Americus, GA

I love your work and the things I ordered look like my cat with big golden eyes, all black face and a little white chin - he is going to be sending these out as gifts this year! Silly, but fun! - Kelly - Plano, TX

I'm looking forward to receiving the notecards and I will share your website with several of my "cat friends." - Paula - Pasadena, CA

I really like your work. - Kim - Silver Lake, IN

I got rave reviews on my first order and decided we needed more to send as Christmas gifts! - Kelly - Plano, TX

They are very beautiful. I am sure that I will enjoy them for many years to come. - Jo - Anderson, IN

You are so talented! Beautiful paintings of cats. The detail is exquisite and the color incredible. - Leigh - Ramona, CA

You have some marvelous talent! - Joe - Naugatuck, CT

Your paintings are so true and funny and oh, so feline. I am so excited about my first Carol Wilson!!! Love it! It's just perfect. I know cats…and you portray them just like they are! - Donna - Palatine, IL

I envy your talent with cats. - Patricia - West Hills, CA

I love that bathroom bengal print. Can't wait to get it. I think I will redecorate my bathroom around it! - Cathy - Brattleboro, VT

YOUR WORK IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! I've sent your home page to all my cat loving friends, and my in-house family, with my WISH LIST! for holidays!! I love love love HIDE IN BLANKETS!!! - Denise

The colors, the light, the composition are breath-taking. You capture our dear kitty friends heart and soul. I see a lot of "cat kitsch" - but you are so real, but charming. Love everything! Donna - Palatine, IL

The new print came in and it is gorgeous. Everyone that has seen it just loves it. They cannot believe the resemblance to my two kitties. It is just too much. - Nan

I've received the 6 prints. All ok and very happy with them. Hope to buy again from you in the future. - Grainne - Ireland

"Quilts" was very popular in our silent auction and we got an excellent high bid. You have helped us in our cat rescue work-thank you. - Donna - Palatine, IL

I LOVE that print of the cat on the quilt. I am looking for blank notecards, because I am a cat lover and I quilt. That print would be perfect to send notes to fellow quilters. - Tammi - Springfield, VA

I just got my "Bathroom" print back from the framers and it is beautiful. He put a double mat on it with a little red and then dark green mat with an antique silver frame and it is gorgeous. My Bengal kitty's breeder came for a visit today and asked me to send her your web address so she can see what you have for herself! Many thanks again. - Cathy

Thanks Carol! - Sara - Tulsa, OK

I would like to purchase the print of Inside Outside. I have 8 cats and I see this all day long. My 2nd job is being a Doorman! Great Paintings! - Joyce - Carthage, NY

I would like Butterfly Chair as I have a friend who just adopted a black cat and would like to give it to her. Thanks so much. I am getting to be a Carol Wilson addict. Lucky for you!! - Gretchen - Joliet, IL

Found an EXACT look alike of my white, blue eyed cornish rex (Cropped 5). Look forward to adding your print to my collection. - Dee - St. Clair Shores, MI

I just love your prints. I am crazy about cats! I cant wait to get it. - Susan - Indianapolis, IN

Your paintings are gorgeous. - Linda - Danville, IL

Your art is sooooooooooo neat. - Gretchen - Joliet, IL

I am always looking for unique cat gifts for my best friend. I looked under cat art and found your site and went further to see all that you had done. I love your work. Especially the bright colored ones. I know my friend will love this. - Barbara - Milton, FL

I received the picture on Saturday. It is beautiful. I really love your work and I KNOW I will be buying some more from you.- Linda - Danville, IL

Thank you for acknowledging my payment so quickly, and I look forward to having it framed and displayed in our bedroom where our two cats do exactly what your beautiful rendering depicts. - Carl - Salisbury, MD

I am purchasing notecards from your site, but having a difficult time deciding on which cat I like more! - Donna - San Diego, CA

Received my beautiful print yesterday. I love it! I wish that more businesses could treat their customers as well as you do. - Carl - Salisbury, MD

I was specifically looking for cat paintings and I love yours! Thanks. Bruce - Louisville, KY

Thanks for the quick turnaround. I really appreciate it. - Jean - Huntsville, AL

Love your paintings! - Cheryl - Escondido, CA

Love your cat art! Looking forward to receiving the cat prints. Thanks for sending them off promptly! Keep painting cat moments! - Julie - Augsburg, Germany

You are such a talent! How wonderful that must be. You really pick up that wonderful unique cat-spirit feeling that I love so much. - Bonnie - Columbus, OH

Lovely! Your "Garden Hose" kitties are just like my Pumpkin and Scaredy, 2 ferals I caught and had spayed/nutered and am taming gradually. It's like you went out back and snapped a photo! - Retagene - Arcadia, CA

I love your painting because it has a "David Hockneyesque" look about it. I very much look forward to receiving the cards with your lovely artwork! Retagene - Arcadia, CA

By the way.....I LOVE your paintings.......they are wonderful.!!!!

All your works are lovely

omg, how cute!!!

Very beautiful painting

I absolutely love your paintings ! They are beautiful. I do hope to paint as well as you with a lot more practice. Thanks so much and keep painting!

LOVE your CATS!!!!

Your site has some of the most beautiful pictures on it. I enjoy looking.

All your paintings are great! I'm glad I found your website.

All I can say is WOW! I have definitely bookmarked your site. The colors are so vibrant. All of your art work is so colorful and brite. I absolutely just love them all.

Your site is well done and informative.

What beautiful work!!

I love her art work.

what great pictures!!!!!!

They are all so beautiful.

all your work is wonderful

your work is beautiful...

I have told so many people about your web site and
dropped ( not too subtle) hints as to what I
would like for a gift for any occasion.
Let's wish us both good luck. Although, I'm the
one who needs the luck, you have all the talent
and won't have any problem selling these fantastic

Love your prints! Just bought 2

I love them all! I would find a place in my house for any of them!

I love your work!!

It's beautiful! and will look great in my century farm house!

Love your work.

I love all your paintings. They are great!

Love the paintings

What magnificent light and shadow pieces. Galleries of exquisite cats. Such fine detail. It is easy for me to take them as photographs. Thank you most sincerely for allowing me to visit.

Your work is lovely....I am sharing your site with all my friends and my Mother!!!

really cool

I love the paintings

I think all your art is great. first time here and I am in awe!!!

Flowers and Cats -- life is good!

this print is so vibrant

very clever

love this picture

Very nice pieces!! I enjoyed looking around your site.

wonderful artwork

Oh my god I love your paintings, Im speechless! There so colorful. I wish i had your talent. i love it!!! Wow.


I love them all(!)

I just found your web site and will visit often. it is beautiful.

all the prints are super

you're great.

Wow! Please enter me in your drawing. I've worked in animal welfare for many years and I just adore your work.

I can't believe how much that reminds me of our cat

What great painting they are all wonderful!

so adorable!

they are all gorgeous

I think your paintings are beautiful!

they are all special


it is extremely difficult to choose from among all of the wonderful cats!

Love all the pictures...beautiful work!!!

I love all of your prints! They are wonderful!

Love your prints.

awesome prints!!

I love your paintings

I love your artwork!!!

nice combination of colors. And the cat, of course, is

I appreciate your paintings very much

It is SO hard to pick a favorite!

they are all beautiful!!!

your cat paintings are awesome!

Thank you for the hours of pleasure that I have derived from viewing your wonderful talent.

I'm HOOKED on your art!

Thank you for your beautiful Artwork.

Thank you for the chance to purchase these gorgeous cats, I have been a fan of your artwork for a long time.

I love your work. I have been listing aceo but nothing as wonderful as yours. I have many years to go before I get anywhere near your expertise.

I just couldn't resist this picture.

whimsical and colorful

Your paintings combine such realism with whimsy that all cats have!! I enjoy your work and I'm sure I'm not alone.

They're gorgeous

I absolutely love your work. You see cats exactly like they are.

I LOVE your artwork, it is so beautiful

I can't wait to see the picture in person, it's beautiful on the computer, you really have a talent!!

I received the cat print today and it's just beautiful! It's a Christmas present for a cat lover and I can't wait to give it to her!

Your paintings are beautiful and make me smile! They're very good and very different.

very lovely paintings

I really love your prints. I will be buying more not just for myself.

It is really beautiful; I love the detail and wonderful colors in the fur and eyes.

The print is absolutely beautiful.

You have really captured the grace and intelligenceof the cat and almost blended them into a little human like.

you do beautiful work!!!

I want EVERYONE to see this print!

My wife and I both admire your work.

you're extremely talented

The print was a gift for my sister-in-law and she loved it.

As a fellow artist, I find your work inspirational!

I've a friend who love cats, but it's very hard to find a special gift... you made that possible.

Your art is fantastic. I just found you. Lucky me!!

you capture cats like they really act and look! i am now a advocate of your paintings. can't wait to add to my wall!

I can't wait to see them and get them framed and ready to hang on my wall! In fact, I am pretty sure I will be back for more, you are really talented and I had a very hard time selecting which ones I wanted!

thankyou in advance for the beautiful art

very much enjoy your work!

just love your paintings...

I really enjoy your art. It is fun to see an artist having so much fun with their cats. I know it is work but the passion shines through for your animals. I wish I had your gift. I would love to express the way you do about my cats.

I am in LOVE with your cat art. Your work is AWESOME !!!!

I really enjoyed your website..your work is beautiful!

Your artwork captures the personalities that only cats have and they are so colorful.Your work is very unique and I love it.